The Winter Deception


‘My rules were simple. No domestic matters, no killing of women and children and cash up front. I was no bounty hunter though. My targets were killers, terrorists and the top brass in organised crime. People governments wanted found but not necessarily returned, if you know what I mean’

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A Bitter Vengeance


Vusi Makhanya was dressed like a businessman in a sharp black suit, white shirt and yellow silk tie. Thin and small, with dark ferret-like eyes his jacket looked two sizes too big for him. His size belied a tough fighter in a slight frame. ‘Tata Wintah come sit, come sit. Your timing’s good ne.’ ‘Nice suit mate, that your daddy’s hey?’ Winter had a go at him to put him on the back foot straight away for the old man comment.

Available 3rd quarter 2014.

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