Khaleel Datay lives with his family in Cape Town, South Africa. He divides his time between running a business consultancy, writing and painting.

Khaleel has completed his debut novel, The Winter Deception, an espionage thriller set in Mumbai, India against a backdrop of economic turmoil in Europe. The book depicts the search for the truth by a former soldier and consultant to MI6 in Iraq hired to find an Indian terrorist. Along the way he discovers a web of betrayal and deception reaching into the country's highest levels of a government already blackened with fraud and corruption. Pursued by killers bent on revenge from Mumbai to the bad lands of northern Pakistan, he uncovers the darkest secrets of his past and the pain of a love destroyed by a madman. Writing in a style that is "fluent, warm and engaging" he draws you into the life of the protagonist from the moment the novel opens.

Khaleel is a second generation South African with roots in Murud, Janjira over 225km south west of Mumbai, India, where his forebears served the sultan for successive generations. This to a large extent laid the foundation for his novel The Winter Deception.

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